Coronavirus is arguably the biggest challenge of this generation, causing loss and suffering to millions across the world. But the country stands united, despite global isolation on an unprecedented scale. Essential workers have put their own health at risk to keep the country going and care for those suffering. 

We will meet again and when we do, we must never forget the dedication and efforts of all of these essential works. The Postcard-Project has been set up to help document people's first-hand accounts of the Coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of postcards have been left across cities inviting people to send their stories anonymously. We aim to publish these stories as a book to document the country's struggles, joys and unity and raise money for charities dedicated to the Coronavirus's recovery effort.

If you've found a postcard or want to share your story, carry on reading below.

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Image by Art Lasovsky


If you've found a card: and you're happy to participate, please use the reverse of the postcard to share your story. We welcome stories of any nature, whether it's about something you're grateful for throughout the pandemic; whether it's about being scared or lonely; or whether it's about the loss or illness of a loved one. Please post it to the address listed on the card (it will need a stamp). 

We ask for your gender, age and county to understand the demographic of respondents. You do not need to provide this information, but it helps us to identify the reach of the project. 

If you don't want to participate, please either give the postcard to somebody who would like to share their story or leave it in a suitable place for somebody else to find.

If you haven't found a card but want to participate: you can share your story anonymously online using the Share Your Story page.

If you're a publisher: we are still searching for a publisher to launch our book. If you might be interested in helping with this, please get in touch by emailing contact@postcard-project.co.uk